PRESS BIO (FULL CAREER BIO IS BELOW):           Houston’s Hip-hop artist Baby Jay is back with his highly anticipated sophomore CD “Luv & Respect” which includes 20 tracks! New CD includes Baby Jay’s first two clubs songs and one of the songs, “Crazy”, has recently advanced as finalists to a 2013 International Competition from over 20,000 artists from 119 countries! Since 2004, Baby Jay has been creating a new movement in the hip-hop/rap industry and continues to make a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth throughout the country with his hip-hop music and message. He has been performing professionally since the age of 13 and has some great accomplishments in eight years with the support of fans, friends, and his manager. Some of his accolades include becoming the first Latino rapper and youngest to receive the key to the city of Houston, three official city proclamations, a certificate of special congressional recognition, officially inducted into the Latin Grammys tour bus exhibit along the side of all the top Latin acts in the world and received a World Peace Award as a gift by Peter Yarrow of “Peter, Paul & Mary”. And recently nominated at the 2013 Houston Press Awards for "Best Solo Rapper!" 

In 2006, Baby Jay became the student ambassador for an international education foundation to collaborate with combating bullying in schools across the country and has recently partnered up with a second organization to bring his message and music worldwide. In 2007, his debut CD “Keepin It Real” which was released independently thru Roland Entertainment, is fulfilling its purpose which is to provide youth, educators, administrators and parents with songs about non-violence, teen pregnancy, saying no to drugs, inspirational, staying in school, relationships and the first ever anti-bullying rap song “Don’t Laugh at Me”. His new 2013 song “Respect”, which is also translated in Spanish “Respeto” are also garnering accolades throughout the anti-bullying community.

It all has not been easy for Baby Jay as he has had to overcome family obstacles with the divorce of his parents at the young age of 6, being bullied while attending school and the constant incarceration of his two older brothers which both of them dropped out of high school. Baby Jay takes his personal life experiences and uses it in a positive way to fuel his creativity with his music and proves to kids that if he can do it then they can too!  Baby Jay’s musical career is on the right path and on beat with a young audience who have caught on with this innovative and positive spin on rap yet emphasizes the importance of education. In 2007, a top energy company in Texas took notice of Baby Jay and the relationship became the first partnership between a hip-hop recording artist/record label to educate youth about the importance of energy conservation. In 2008, Baby Jay was invited by the Latin Grammys to speak to high school students along with other top Latin acts! In 2009, Baby Jay became the first to graduate high school from his family and became first generation college student.  Per Baby Jay’s college Chancellor, during his freshman year of college he received the honor to speak to over 1,000 professors about his life, career and why he continues his college education while pursuing his professional rap career!  In Nov. 2011, his college Chancellor invited him again for a speaking engagement. In early 2011, he made his debut college performance at Dartmouth College and recently was invited by the Grammys organization to headline Fort Hood’s concert for military children for his second appearance!

Baby Jay has opened up for acts like Raven Symone from the TV show “That’s So Raven”, Soulja Boy, B5, Omarion, Coolio, Young MC and Twista to name a few! In 2010, Baby Jay was selected as a standby recording artist at SXSW!  In 2010 thru 2013 Baby Jay continues to perform and make special appearances including his latest 13th New York School tour, first school tour in Georgia and co-headlining the city of Houston’s official New Year’s Eve event with over 25,000 people present and ABC 13 receiving a 10.5 TV rating! What a great way it was to bring in the New Year with Baby Jay & his independent sophomore soft CD release party of “Luv & Respect” at “House of Blues” March 15, 2012! On April 4, 2012, Baby Jay became a spokesperson along with Houston Mayor Annise Parker, Houston Texan’s player James Casey for an education initiative in partnership with non-profits, colleges and universities in Houston area! On July 26, 2012, Baby Jay was invited to perform and kick off the 2012 Junior Olympics and to officially close the ceremonies on August 2nd! Baby Jay kicked off 2013 New Year strong with his 1st Flint, MI school tour and first of kind partnership with Houston Community College! His song "Go Get It" is currently licensed for HCC TV & radio commericals. The song is also playing at all Houston Texans home games during their "In Game Feature"! Baby Jay continues to stay focus, entertains his fans & continues to change lives! 

In 2007, with the release of his debut hip-hop album, Keepin it Real, Baby Jay delievered a message often overlooked or ignored.  Baby Jay, also known as Jonathan Gutierrez in his school, gives a message of unity, hope, and encouragement to the youth of today.  Baby Jay’s message is being welcomed with open arms by many of his peers in school, as well as school districts across the country with no signs of slowing down. Baby Jay, 24 years old, was born and raised in Galena Park/Houston, Texas and in the Fall of 2009 became, first-generation college student!  Yes Baby Jay is in college and is going strong in his hip-hop/rap career! 

It all began at the age of six, when Baby Jay began writing a journal about the struggles he had been through, including the divorce of his parents, the incarceration of his brothers, and the bullying received by others due to his race or special needs. As a way to help cope with those issues, Baby Jay would write verses of his personal trials and would perform them over hip-hop instrumentals to convey the issues and problems faced by adolescents everywhere; drugs, school violence, and teen pregnancy. "When I think of the artists who have most influenced me as a rapper I think of 2-Pac, Jay Z, L.L. Cool J., Michael Jackson and Will Smith. And people close to me like my parents and my manager inspire me to make my dreams come true. Family means alot to me", says Baby Jay. The track “Don’t Laugh at Me” from Baby Jay’s debut album Keepin It Real is a song about school bullies and is becoming an anthem by advocates who seek to raise awareness of this growing menace! The songs on the album were written by Baby Jay in collaboration with Hector Chavera (aka Kolor Blynde) and Rolando Cuellar (Baby Jay’s manager). Due to the favorable reception of “Don’t Laugh At Me” by fans and friends alike, a video has been produced and distributed to more than 5,000 schools across the country and now making it's way into schools in other countries!

Baby Jay distinguishes himself from the typical associations of today’s popular rap artists. While popular rap music often contain a message of praise to the material things in life, Baby Jay’s message is one that is rooted in reality towards doing the right thing. Thus the title of his debut album, Keepin It Real. This uncommon stance by a student-turned-rapper caught the attention of other students and school administrators who have stood firmly behind Baby Jay and his aspiration to encourage other students to stand strong behind their beliefs. Since then, the local media have too taken notice. Bob Bartel of The Sentinal Houston Community Newspaper wrote that Baby Jay is “…working to address adversities in the lives of young people, things like saying no to drugs, non-violence, teen pregnancy and peer pressure.” Daylle Schwartz(rip), music industry consultant and author of five Billboard books says that “…as a former teacher I can recognize a great role model for young people and Baby Jay is one of the best I've seen. I saw him mesmerize an audience with his story, the empowering messages in his lyrics and his overall performance. Baby Jay has a long, successful career ahead of him."

Officially, in 2004 is when Baby Jay launched himself professionally as an artist at the “Nuestra Palabra Showcase,” the largest Latino Book and Family Festival in Texas, where more than 30,000 people were in attendance. Since then, he has performances itinerary span in states of Texas, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, IL and California.

Baby Jay goes by Jay instead of "J" because he looks up to artists like Jay Z and the late Grand Master Jay. He admires Jay Z as an entrepreneur, and the late Grand Master Jay for his incredible turntable skills, which Baby Jay replicates with his mouth on several tracks in both albums. Baby Jay’s cousin, Rolando Cuellar, has played an important roll in his formation as an artist. Cuellar encouraged Baby Jay to pursue an artistic career by listening to Baby Jay rap in his living room. He saw a talent not only as a singer but an artist that will be capable of sending a powerful message and connecting to his following audience, so both made a connection from the beginning.

In 2005, during the beginning of Baby Jay's professional career took a major step forward when he collaborated and shared the stage at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston with legendary folk singer/songwriter Peter Yarrow of the ‘60’s group “Peter, Paul, & Mary” and Noel Paul Stookey to sing "Don't Laugh at Me." Steve Seskin and Alan Shamblin wrote the song’s original lyric, but Baby Jay and Hector Chavera III adapted the song to convey the message that despite personal imperfections, everyone is the same. Starlight Runner Entertainment, in cooperation with International Education Foundation's “Operation Respect” produced the “Don’t Laugh at Me” video of the new hip-hop track for Yarrow's International Education Foundation (IEF). The organization “Operation Respect” immediately began an initiative to combat bullying by using Baby Jay’s rap version of “Don’t Laugh at Me” which became the first ever anti-bullying rap song in the world. Baby Jay has helped raises funds for the Cure Autism Now Foundation and has donated his time and talent with two special appearances at the Ronald McDonald House.

In 2006, Baby Jay received the opportunity again to perform with Peter Yarrow at East Side Community High School in New York. Same year, Jay made his music video premiere in Manhattan, New York and received a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” by Congressman Al Green. He has performed at the North Channel Multicultural Festival and has also performed during the half time of the College All-Star Football Game at Galena Park ISD Stadium, which was nationally televised on ESPN2. On April 21st and April 28th, 2007, Baby Jay became the first teen rapper to perform at Houston International Festival and also made a special appearance/performance at “The 2007 Month of the Military Child Fest” at Hood Stadium, in Killeen, TX, on April 28, 2007 per recommendation from the Texas Grammy Chapter President. Also on Friday, April 27, 2007 Baby Jay received a World Peace Award presented by legendary folk singer/songwriter Peter Yarrow of “Peter, Paul & Mary”and Mr. Yarrow along with Paul continue to be a supporters of Baby Jay’s career and vision. Baby Jay says “Peter, Paul & Mary” rock!! On April 23, 2007 Baby Jay began the first rapper in US history to partner with an energy company and to co-write/co-produce the first ever Energy Efficiency Rap Song "Energy". Baby Jay became their exclusive rapper for appearances of the song he co-wrote/co-produce called “Energy”. On April 28, 2007, Baby Jay’s music video “Don’t Laugh at Me” received the prestige Remi Award at the World Film/Video Festival!   In August 2007, Baby Jay became one of the youngest voting members of the Recording Academy, also known as the Grammy's in Texas!  May 4th will forever be known as Baby Jay Day in Galena Park, TX and May 16th will forever be known as Baby Jay Day in Houston/Harris County!  Also on May 16th, 2008 Baby Jay received the Key to the City of Houston, which was presented at GPISD "Perfect Attendance Concert"(tm).   He's the first Latino rapper and the youngest to receive the key to the city of Houston!   Since this great accolade Baby Jay has performed at numerous events in 2009 thru 2016.  In 2010, Baby Jay was selected as a standby recording artist for SXSW showcase!  In January 2011, Baby Jay had his debut college performance at DartMouth College and  performed at the House of Blues!  In May 2011, Baby Jay completed his 9th New York school tour! Baby Jay began 2012 with a powerful performances as he co-headlined the city of Houston's official First annual New Year's Eve Event! 25,000+ attendance and everyone had a great time bringing in the New Year with Baby Jay! In the summer of 2012, Baby Jay was officially invited to officially kick off and to the close the 2012 Junior Olympic Games!

Baby Jay has been very instrumental with the "Perfect Attendance Concert"(tm) produced and created by his manager Rolando Cuellar for Roland Entertainment.  These first of kind concerts in the state of Texas or in the country are to help school districts increase their attendance and a great tool to help school districts with the drop out crisis.  Baby Jay is president of of these concerts and he brings a one of kind educational component to these unique "Perfect Attendance Stadium Concert"(tm)!

Baby Jay’s musical carrier is on the right path and on beat with a young audience who have caught on with this positive and clean spin on rap!

Baby Jay's debut album "Keepin It Real"(2007) is a mix of hip-hop and Latin rhythms, through Roland Entertainment is now available online on his website including and the anticipated sophomore CD "Luv & Respect"(2013) IS ALSO NOW AVAILABLE!! 
For more information, please contact Rolando Cuellar for R Music Projects (formerly known as Roland Entertainment):